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From Pat Thoyts <>
Subject Re: Windows makefile
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 01:12:51 GMT (David N. Welton) writes:

>A question for Pat - did you try and give up on make.tcl or... what
>was the problem?  I had hoped that it would work as a cross platform
>In any case, a big thanks to Pat for his work!

I tried and eventually gave up on it. My hacks were getting out of
hand though I could probably revisit it. In general I think it's
better to stick to the TEA2 configure/make format as much as
possible. The files I've contributed here are the MSVC equivalents
(modified from the tcl win sources). A more normal TEA
wouldn't be much more work really, then I could use msys+mingw gcc or

Issues I had with make.tcl:
 * Apache for Win32 doesn't provide apxs
 * MSVC generates difference suffixes: .lib, .obj and .dll and we don't
 normally prepend lib to libraries.
 * link.exe has different option names from ld
 * clean - we don't have rm
 * install - dunno - installed to /opt/tcl/lib/tcllib1.4/rivet !?!
 * distclean - hah hah - yeah xargs :)

Don't forget though - while this builds, it doesn't actually run
usefully under Windows Apache 1.3.27. It's still looping around in the
early initialisation.

Pat Thoyts

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