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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: What does it want?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 13:21:41 GMT
Dmitry the Zuryanovich <> writes:

>  Before I've recompiled PHP, it said the same thing about PHP. (I
> had not add any -DEAPI, just told where the updated apache apxs
> lives)

>  I've recompiled Rivet (via make.tcl clean; make.tcl dynamic or like
> that), I'm sure it has the "set APXS blah" pointing to the current
> upgraded apache apxs binary.

I get the same thing on Debian but have never had any problems.  If
you really wanted, you could probably hack the build scripts to add
that flag.

>  The changes vs prev configuration are: (the system is OpenBSD 3.1 with
> myself-compiled apache, not from ports/packages, i386)
>  - apache - 1.3.27 => 1.3.28
>  + mod_ssl
>  (some changes in PHP configuration, but I think they are not significant)

>  mod_rivet still works. Should I ignore the warning? (or just get
> the newer version from cvs? ;-))

>  What's the EAPI anyway? Is it new interface of apache .28 vs .27?

IIRC, it's for mod_ssl.

> By the way, I'm still happy with apache 1.3.x, but I suppose one day
> we all have to migrate to 2.x branch. Will I have problems with
> rivet?

Since the API's are different, we will have to rewrite chunks of the
code.  I have started, but it's not high on my priority list at the

One possible approach we may take is to take the important pieces of
Rivet, and write code to hook them into mod_tcl, which is for Apache

That still leaves the threading issue, because he hasn't dealt with
that, and I want to have a very clear idea of how to attack the

David N. Welton
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