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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Windows makefile
Date Sat, 05 Jul 2003 14:29:59 GMT


Pat Thoyts was kind enough to create some makefiles for windows, which
I have checked in:

	* src/rivetWWW.c (snprintf): Added snprintf define from Pat.

	* src/rivetParser.h: Added bit of defines for windows builds,
	declared some of the functions EXTERN's here.

	* src/rivetList.c: Make list commands created here 'static' - Pat.

	* src/rivetCrypt.c: Use ap_config.h to grab other header files we
	might need, like crypt.h.  This is not an ideal solution, because
	it adds a dependency we didn't have before.  Added change by Pat
	to conditionally compile or not the 'Rivet_Crypt' command.

	* src/rivet.h: Added EXTERN definitions for functions.

	* src/parserPkgInit.c (Rivetparser_Init): Added EXTERN decleration
	for win builds.

	* win/ New file: include file for Microsoft makefile.

	* win/rivet.dsp: New file: Microsoft Developer Studio Project

	* win/nmakehlp.c: New file: helper for windows building.

	* win/ New file: makefile for windows.  All from Pat
	Thoyts <>.

The noteworthy change here is the crypt functionality.  In 2.0, which
Pat optimistically attempted to use, they have APR, which has defines
to let you know if there is a crypt.h or not, however, ap_config.h
from 1.3 seems to know enough to grab the right information.

I don't like this dependency, but it seems to at least make things
compile ok.  Dmitry, would you check and see if this works on openbsd
as well?

A question for Pat - did you try and give up on make.tcl or... what
was the problem?  I had hoped that it would work as a cross platform

In any case, a big thanks to Pat for his work!

David N. Welton
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