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From "Andy Doerr" <>
Subject My Ideas and Plan
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 18:02:19 GMT
I plan on helping where ever I can be of use. Here are my preliminary notes.

First off, I would like to flesh out DIO/DIODisplay. This is just what I have at this point.
 I will send more as I go.



Make some examples/quick start guide for using DIO for those who want to quickly get up to
speed on DIO

1. Explore Filter option to DIO (such as "$instance filter {salary < $50000}"). When DIO
generates a query it will add the filter to the where clause.

2. Export/Import of data into database through a comma or tab delimited file

HIT LIST for DIODisplay
1. Show some sort of verification that a save or edit has completed successfuly

2. It would be nice to be able to specify how a field is plugged into SQL queries such as
"select sum(SATMath + SATVerbal) AS SATTotal from Student where SATTotal > 1000;"

3. Forms to default to use style="margin: 0" or allow me to specify that somewhere during
DIODisplay specification (removes white space placed after </form>)
May not be an issue, because I have not tested it well enough yet.
3. It would be nice to be able to compare previous value with entered value during an edit.

Enhancements to DIODisplay_Field
1. Add field types to expand functionality and resources of the DIO Interface such as:
    a. timestamps
    b passwords (password and password again)
    c file uploads etc.....


Add NWS functionality

As I have 200+ websites that currently use NeoWebScript I will work on adding NWS compatibility
package to rivet.  I know my way around the NWS compiled mod and init scripts.



Should be able to help with adding documentation for packages and other aspects that need
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