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From "Andy Doerr" <>
Subject DIODisplay Bug
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 16:36:29 GMT
If you specify the following

$instance field databaseid \
     - text "Database ID" \

when you do a search/list on database you will find no records.

List query will be something like "select * from $table order by Database ID LIMIT 25"
Search query will be somthing like "select * from $table where Database ID = $query ..."

1) The elegant solution would be to modify the forms::select method to accept an array or
parallel lists of option values. So that:

options(databaseid) "Database ID"

will be rendered as

<OPTION VALUE="databaseid">Database ID</OPTION>

Then DIODisplay can send the select info to form based on config

2) translate the searchby field back into the field name.  (might be hard to back search for
originating field)
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