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From "W. Jeffrey Rankin" <>
Subject package require ***
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 12:29:18 GMT

How does one require a Tcl package in Rivet? For example, I'm want to use
the Tclx package, but when I try this:


package require Tclx


I receive the following error:

can't find package Tclx
    while executing
"package require Tclx"
    (in namespace eval "::request" script line 6)
    invoked from within
"namespace eval request {
puts -nonewline "test.rvt


When I require the package in Tclsh, it works properly. I've looked in the
mailing list archive, but didn't find any help. For help on this on
similar basics, would it avail me to look at the mod_dtcl or neowebscript
documentation, or is Rivet too different? Thanks for your help!

W. Jeffrey Rankin
Lead Web Application Developer

495 Byers Rd.
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342-3662
Phone: (937) 865-0800 ext. 3504
Fax: (937) 865-5858

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