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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Re: Error logging
Date Sat, 18 Jan 2003 02:17:07 GMT
> Uh... me stupid - I mean stderr, of course:-)

    Well, stderr directly goes to error_log, yes, but I was thinking more
of having output to stderr actually be logged in the error_log using the
Apache commands.  As it stands now, output to stderr is just directly
spit into the file.  By calling the Apache commands to log errors, we actually
get the '[Fri Jan 17 13:50:48 2003] [notice]' log message with each line.

    *shrug*  Just a thought.  It works now without any work. 0-]

> I would go for the Itcl thing being a seperate thing, or maybe off by
> default.

    We can turn it off by default.  Makes no difference to me. 0-]

> But... couldn't this stuff all just go in to begin and end page chunks
> that are installed by default?

    Not sure what you mean here.  'Splain, Lucy!


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