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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Re: Just a database
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 01:14:49 GMT
> Damon Courtney <> writes:
> >     I want Rivet to have this same kind of ease.  I want Rivet to
> > ship with a database.  A small one, but a database.
> That sounds like a good idea.  It's not too much extra, and it could
> be quite useful.
> >     So, my proposal is to use GDBM (a very small 40k library when
> > compiled) as the database.
> The problem is that it is GPL'ed software, and that means licensing
> problems...

    Doesn't that just mean that we have to distribute the source code
for GDBM (which we'll do anyway)?  I guess I don't understand everything
about the GPL.


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