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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject RE: Just a database
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 22:20:26 GMT
> Any built-in database capability would be great, especially if it doesn't
> require 'outside' configuration, database connections, ODBC, and the like.
> Just something simple for smaller databases to handle session, temporary
> user data, etc.
> I'm not familiar with GDBM, but do have some experience with Metakit. Is
> that an option, or is it too large?

    MetaKit is definitely an option, and one which I would greatly
consider.  GDBM is just a hash table database.  Very simple.  The interface
is very easy to use and doesn't include much.  Just storing keys and values
in hash tables for later retrieval.  The Tcl interface provides key searching
and the like.

    MetaKit is a great candidate too.  Many more features, though it can
probably get a little heavy.  But, we're definitely talking a file-based
database storage system.  No external servers.  NWS was beautiful at
doing this.

    By the by, whatever database we choose, DIO will probably always be
the recommended method for database calls in Rivet.  It wouldn't take much
to add a MetaKit DIO class (or GDBM for that matter).  Of course, the mk::
commands will still available, should you choose to use them, but DIO will
make for far greater portability in the future (which was its intended

    GDBM even has an interface called SQLite that translates SQL calls and
uses directory structure and GDBM files to simulate a SQL database.  This
is great for using simple SQL code without a real server process to worry


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