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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Just a database
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 21:57:49 GMT

    Here's the thing.  One of the best (and most-used features) of
NeoWebScript was the fact that it had an underlying database in
every installation (it used Berkeley's DB).  This gave way to a whole
slew of useful commands not only for the user to have a solid database
but also for easy commands for a programming newbie.

    I want Rivet to have this same kind of ease.  I want Rivet to ship
with a database.  A small one, but a database.  Like all the other
commands, it would not be loaded until it was needed, but I think having
it there really makes for a better program.  People who went on later to
install NeoWebScript on their own machines were lost if the database
commands didn't work.  They were the most used part of the program (from
the user perspective).

    So, my proposal is to use GDBM (a very small 40k library when compiled)
as the database.  I have already written a very easy Tcl interface to
GDBM, and I plan to add a DIO class for it as well.  Any opinions on this?
I know David doesn't like to ship too much stuff, but I'm not advocating
this be loaded into every Rivet instance.  Just there when you need it.

    It's kind of the new Tcl philosophy.

    Small core        == Good.  Static executables   == Bad.
    Core only distros == Bad.   Fully-loaded distros == Good.


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