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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Re: Rivet Extensions
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 22:40:28 GMT
> Would this hypothetical person already have Tcl?
> Activestate includes a lot of stuff.  Maybe replicating their work
> isn't in our best interests?

    Truth be told, I would probably recommend someone install ActiveTcl
and then use it for Rivet.  That's how I did it. 0-]  ActiveTcl has
everything I think most people need.  I was just looking for the
opinions of everyone here. 0-]

    But, if I were to tell someone to install Rivet, it would go:

    "First, download and install ActiveTcl.  Then, make Rivet..."

> >     Inevitably, when Rivet can compile and run like a champ on
> > Windows, all of this will include a full, binary Windows release in
> > a nice, easy-to-use installer.  So, your average newbie can run a
> > Rivet server on their Windows box within minutes.  That's the dream
> > anyway. 0-]
> Sounds like a great idea.  The first step down that road is to get
> Holger's patches integrated and tested on windows...

    Definitely.  I want to put up some Windows binaries for download! 0-]


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