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From Damon Courtney <>
Subject Rivet Extensions
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:40:16 GMT

    So, looking forward to an impending release of Rivet, I have this
burning question to ask the (albeit currently small) community.  What
Tcl extensions should be included in a Rivet distribution?

    Of course, Rivet will be distributed in source code by itself, but
I'm really looking to put together a "batteries included" release with
all the things your average web newbie might need.  So, what extensions
should Rivet consider for inclusion?

    Inevitably, when Rivet can compile and run like a champ on Windows,
all of this will include a full, binary Windows release in a nice,
easy-to-use installer.  So, your average newbie can run a Rivet server
on their Windows box within minutes.  That's the dream anyway. 0-]



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