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From Karl Lehenbauer <>
Subject Head's up on potential Rivet problems with the Apple Safari web browser
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 17:42:49 GMT
Hey Gang,

My Rivet app broke when trying to use it with Safari, Apple's new web 
browser.  Cookies weren't getting set properly.

I examined the cookies in Safari, and their path was "/index.rvt" 
instead of "/".  The cookie sets did not have an explicit path.

Examining cookies in Mozilla, their path was "/".

I changed my app to, wherever it did a cookie set, to add a "-path /" 
and it fixed the app in Safari.

I don't know if you should consider changing "cookie set" to have a 
default path, changing it to require a path, adding a note to the 
documentation or waiting for Apple to sort it out... up to you.


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