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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: Error logging
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 20:06:09 GMT
Damon Courtney <> writes:

> > Uh... me stupid - I mean stderr, of course:-)

>     Well, stderr directly goes to error_log, yes, but I was thinking
> more of having output to stderr actually be logged in the error_log
> using the Apache commands.  As it stands now, output to stderr is
> just directly spit into the file.  By calling the Apache commands to
> log errors, we actually get the '[Fri Jan 17 13:50:48 2003]
> [notice]' log message with each line.

Hrm... I'm undecided.  It wouldn't be much larger, but maybe adding a
timestamp in Tcl itself would be more Tcl'ish?

>     *shrug*  Just a thought.  It works now without any work. 0-]

> > I would go for the Itcl thing being a seperate thing, or maybe off
> > by default.

>     We can turn it off by default.  Makes no difference to me. 0-]

> > But... couldn't this stuff all just go in to begin and end page
> > chunks that are installed by default?

>     Not sure what you mean here.  'Splain, Lucy!

	if (toplevel && rsc->rivet_after_script) {
	    Tcl_AppendObjToObj(outbuf, Tcl_NewStringObj(rsc->rivet_after_script, -1));

We could do something like:

if (toplevel) {
    rsc->after_script = DEFAULT_AFTER_SCRIPT;
    if(rsc->after_script) {
         Tcl_AppendObjToObj(outbuf, Tcl_NewStringObj(rsc->rivet_after_script, -1));

Something like that...

Let's see what you've got though, so I can see exactly how you've done
it:-) I definitely think the file/socket cleanup stuff could be

David N. Welton
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