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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: Built rivet on Windows using MinGW
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 07:46:58 GMT
"Zeinert, Holger" <> writes:

> However, there are some things I had to change and some open
> questions:
> 1. MinGW does not support a "crypt.h", only a "wincrypt.h". I
> decided to just make sure, that the command crypt always fails:

> Suprising, it seems to work without it. I ran some of the examples
> and tests and they seem to work. Of course, the commands is 'extra' stuff.  Damon Courtney knows more about it than
I do.  I haven't written any tests for it, so the tests most likely
wouldn't have any problems.

>         unescape_string -- Rivet_UnescapeStringCmd
>         escape_string -- Rivet_EscapeStringCmd
>         escape_sgml_chars -- Rivet_EscapeSgmlCharsCmd
>         escape_shell_command -- Rivet_EscapeShellCommandCmd
>         lremove -- Rivet_LremoveObjCmd
>         comma_split -- Rivet_CommaSplitObjCmd
>         comma_join -- Rivet_CommaJoinObjCmd
>         lassign_array -- Rivet_LassignArrayObjCmd
>         encrypt -- Rivet_EncryptCmd
>         decrypt -- Rivet_DecryptCmd
>         crypt -- Rivet_CryptCmd
> are not available. When are these used? Only if they appear in a .rvt file?
> 3. as for mod_dtcl, the patch "os.h.diff" has to be applied to the
> Apache header "os.h". For me, the patch command did not work, but I
> could patch the file manually.

Craig, can you have a look at this?

> 4. I had to modify "make.tcl". Unfortunately, some manual changes
> will be needed for compiling on Windows to reflect the environment.
> Run

Do you think you could send a 'diff -u' of that?  Here's an easy way
to do it with CVS:

cvs diff -u make.tcl > my.diff

That will diff your version against the latest from CVS.

David N. Welton
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