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From Karl Lehenbauer <>
Subject "package require mysql" works in tclsh8.3 but not Rivet
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 16:02:13 GMT
Hey Y'all...

I've got this problem where I'm trying to use mysql from a Rivet 
program.  When I do the DIO::MySQL (or whatever) thing, it fails, 
saying the MySQL package isn't available on the server.

I've isolated it a bit further, what's happening is that "package 
require mysql" is resulting in
failed: couldn't load file 
"/usr/local/lib/tcl8.3/mysqltcl/": Shared object 
"" not found is in /usr/local/lib/mysql and if you do a ldd on 
the shared library, it has the correct path.

When I run tclsh8.3 and do a "package require mysql" it just works.

I don't have an LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.  The stuff is showing up in 
"ldconfig -r".

I remember having this problem before but don't remember the solution.  
We jacked around with ld's -rpath
switches?  Can someone shed some light on this?
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