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From "David Brancato" <>
Subject Re: Apache Rivet on Solaris 9
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 03:43:06 GMT
Sorry about that. My mail program sent it before I was finished typing!
That's not good.

It's possible for apxs to return incorrect information. You should first
make sure that mod_so is in fact compiled into your binary with:

$ httpd -l

Then make sure that apxs is returning the correct information with:
$ /home/jrankin/apache/bin/apxs -q INCLUDEDIR
$ /home/jrankin/apache/bin/apxs -q LIBEXECDIR
$ /home/jrankin/apache/bin/apxs -q PREFIX

If any of the returned info is incorrect, you can back up the apxs file and
then manually edit it to ensure that it returns the correct settings.

Hopefully this helps.

- David Brancato

From: W. Jeffrey Rankin <>
> Hi:
> I'm trying to set up Rivet on Solaris 9 for the first time, and I'm having
> some problems. Some info on my setup:
> Apache 1.3.27 installed in /home/jrankin/apache
> ActiveTcl installed in /usr/local/ActiveTcl/
> Attached is the output I receive when I run src/make.tcl (make.txt). The
> first problem is that it's looking at the location of my Apache 2.0.39
> install (/usr/local/apache). OK, that seemed a simple enough problem to
> fix, so I looked at make.tcl, and did the following:
> set APXS "apxs" to set APXS "/home/jrankin/apache/bin/apxs"
> Now, and run make.tcl once again and get the following:
> apxs:Error: Sorry, no DSO support for Apache available
> apxs:Error: under your platform. Make sure the Apache
> apxs:Error: module mod_so is compiled into your server
> apxs:Error: binary `/home/jrankin/apache/bin/httpd'.
>     while executing
> "exec $APXS -q INCLUDEDIR"
>     invoked from within
>     (file "./make.tcl" line 51)
> I'm thinking my apache installation is missing something (mod_so?). Before
> I proceed too deeply into this, I'd like to get your feedback on any
> problems that I might encounter. Thanks, let me know if you need
> additional information.
> - Jeff

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