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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: experimental mutex lock on sendcontent
Date Sat, 14 Dec 2002 01:12:38 GMT

Ok - I think I found it!  Check out the latest rivet sources.  I added

static void
Rivet_InitTclStuff(server_rec *s, pool *p)
    int rslt;
    Tcl_Interp *interp;
    rivet_interp_globals *globals = NULL;
    rivet_server_conf *rsc = RIVET_SERVER_CONF( s->module_config );
    server_rec *sr;

    /* Apache actually loads all the modules twice, just to see if it
     * can. This is a pain, because things don't seem to get
     * completely cleaned up on the Tcl side. So this little hack
     * should make us *really* load only the second time around. */

    if (getenv("RIVET_INIT") == NULL) {
	setenv("RIVET_INIT", "1", 0);

So far it seems to work.  I think there is probably a better way,
though.  I know there is for Apache 2.0.  In any case, I finally got a
threaded build to pass all my tests with no problems at all.
Now... who knows what it will do on windows:-)

David N. Welton
Free Software:
   Apache Tcl:

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