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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: mod_dtcl bug?
Date Mon, 22 Jul 2002 18:06:16 GMT

[ Please send these questions to the lists, so that other people may
benefit from the answers, both now and in the future, via mailing list
archives. Thanks! ]

"Stathis Stavrakis" <> writes:

> I have been having a problem since I ever installed mod_dtcl on my
> apache server.  While I am not sure whether this is a known problem
> or even there is a certain workaround about it, I will give you some
> details on my findings.

> The server being Apache 1.3.26 right now, Tcl 8.3.4 and mod_dtcl
> 0.12 on Slackware 8.0.  Once I installed mod_dtcl for the first time
> my cgi-bin scripts would never work. I figured I will just quit
> using cgi scripts and just code everything as server side
> tcl. Unfortunately, there was need to also use PHP, which worked
> fine, apart from certain functions (i.e. mail() function).

> This brought me into a situation of really requiring a fix for this
> so I have been trying to see what is up for around a month. My
> conclusion was that if Tcl is configured with the --enable-threads
> option mod_dtcl will cause trouble while running under apache.

Did you find this section in mod_dtcl.h?

/* Configuration options  */

/* If you do not have a threaded Tcl, you can define this to 0.  This
   has the effect of running Tcl Init code in the main parent init
   handler, instead of in child init handlers. */
#ifdef __MINGW32__
#define THREADED_TCL 1
#define THREADED_TCL 0 /* Unless you have MINGW32, modify this one! */

I guess it's not that obvious, but it should fix your problem.  I will
put something in the installation instructions.

> Right now, and so far, I don't seem to have any problems using CGIs,
> Tcl, PHP.  I am unsure if this is of any use or has been resolved
> previously, but I'd like to know what's this problem about? Is it
> just my system?

> While I am at it, I have also tried Rivet, with the same exact
> problem, now that I have resolved the problem, is Rivet stable
> enough to switch to it from mod-dtcl?

Rivet works pretty well, but I still don't consider it stable: i.e., I
might change something from one day to the next after posting a note
on the mailing list.

That said, I highly encourage you to try it out, and tell me how it

BTW, Damon, I guess we need to do some kind of test for this in the
build scripts.  That would be better than putting it in a .h file.

David N. Welton
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