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From Valerio Gionco <>
Subject Re: mod_dtcl 0.12 problem: Tcl_GetChannelName
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 07:41:09 GMT

David N. Welton wrote:

>Luis Silveira` <> writes:
>>I obtained mod_dtcl-0.12 and installed it (tried from source with
>> shared and also with the src.rpm.  Either way,
>>compilation went fine and I installed the module.  However, when
>>starting apache I get:
>Can anyone on the list who is a Redhat come up with a definitive
>answer for us?  This is the second time this has cropped up on the
>list lately, and I don't like the idea that mod_dtcl doesn't work well
>with Redhat!
Ok, I've come to an answer but don't know if definitive...

With RedHat 7.2 and 7.3 we have two major issues:
- Something has changed in Tcl installation, and tclConfig gives bad 
results, or at least
 this is my idea. I'm no Tcl wizard at all, and last time I compiled 
mod_dtcl was some month ago, so
 I don't recall how I come to this conclusion - anyway the solution was 
to use from a RH 7.1

- Apache modules under RedHat and Solaris must be compiled with -DEAPI, 
 death and destruction may occur. Or perhaps not.

Anyway, attached you'll find a .tar.gz with the modified files:
  >cd mod_dtcl
  >tar xvfz patch_mod_dtcl_RH73.tar.gz
  >./ shared

...and that's it (well, at least for me).

Valerio Gionco   []
MOST s.r.l.      Via Bezzecca, 9 - 10131 Torino 
            "Life's not fair, but the root password helps."

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