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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: debian woody /mod_dtcl hang
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 20:07:35 GMT
Sven Geggus <> writes:

What version of mod_dtcl?

> today my apache server stopped working when ttml files are accessed.

What do the logs say?  Do they report the hit?  I assume you tried
restarting it.  Does it still not work?

> Strange thing is, that ordinary html files and cgi-scripts (written
> in tcl!)  are still working well.

> Is there a posibility to debug this?

There are a number of ways, depending on how involved you want to get.


strace -o outfile -p apacheprocessid

is a good way to start.


compile mod_dtcl with debugging symbols, run apache as apache.dbg
(ships with Debian).

> I already tried to debug this using "apache -X" with limited success
> so far.

What wasn't successful about it?

> The server used to work fine since the machine has been installed 19
> days ago (it is up since then).

Did you do anything unusual to it?

> I'm using a debian woody system but I didn't run any update since
> then.

> Any hint would be appreciated.

Haven't had any bug reports for a while (nor have I changed much, I've
been busy with Apache Rivet, which is coming along quite well)

David N. Welton
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