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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: terminating script
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 19:03:33 GMT
"yahalom emet" <> writes:

> sorry for the late reply...

No problem...
> it was in a tcl script 

Tcl scripts are different because they aren't run inside a namespace.
You have to manage things yourself... one smart thing you could do
would be to put everything in a proc:

proc mytclpage {  } {


Exits are then performed via 'return'.

> but when I do break insite a ttml file I am also getting:

> invoked "break" outside of a loop
>     while executing
> "ReturnAnswer "OP_ERR_XML_FORMAT" "$msg""
>     (in namespace eval "::request" script line 311)
>     invoked from within
> "namespace eval request {

Strange... for me, this seems to work ok:


puts here


puts there


Even something that simple doesn't work?  If that's the case, maybe
it's interacting with something else you've got?  An errorscript?
before or after scripts?

David N. Welton
Free Software:
   Apache Tcl:

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