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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: terminating script
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:25:54 GMT
"yahalom emet" <> writes:

> the problem with this solution is again the internal procs. In my
> case I have a proc that handles errors. whenever an error happend I
> go to that proc and I want this proc to terminate the script(so I do
> not need to write return after I call this procedure).

Ah, well, I guess you're out of luck:-(  It should just be a matter of
searching and replacing... 

The only other thing I can think of is doing weird stuff with 'error'
- giving it a special code, and then catching that and examining
it... But that's really ugly!

> of course return in this procedure will just return and continue
> with the bigProc. anyway I will use this solution as there is no
> better one.  maybe add this to the wish list :-)

I don't have any bright ideas about how to do this from the C level,

> if I am talking about a wish list can there be a support for
> sessions. I want to keep asession for each user so I can handle
> things better( this thing are available in microsoft ASP and java
> JSP). I use mod_dtcl for xml generation so keeping sessions is more
> important as I need to keep data in between sessions.

Yep... we have some code in WebSH (tcl-websh in CVS) that does
sessions quite nicely.  I would like to see about making it 'portable'
between different apache tcl projects.

David N. Welton
Free Software:
   Apache Tcl:

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