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From Wojciech Kocjan <>
Subject Re: external software?
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 14:47:35 GMT

David N. Welton wrote:
> Wojciech Kocjan <> writes:
>>David N. Welton wrote:
>>>I'm trying to think up a list of what people would like to use from
>>>their apache tcl installations.
>>> - which ones?
>>I suppose TclDOM 2. and TclXML 2.x thetas are the most interesting ones.
> Ok.  I'll have a look.
>>>Database stuff - mysql, postgres, oracle
> Any recommendations for the mysql interface to use?  tcl-sql and
> mysqltcl are the two candidates.  mysqltcl is a bit limited,
> unfortunately.  I tried to write an interface for it to Michael
> Cleverly's database layer, but it's lacking some of the necessary
> features:-(

I'm using tcl-sql, but the distro version lacks unicode support :(

I'm not sure if I have the modified source somewhere, though. I'll try 
to find it :)

>>I know you don't like it, but bundling stuff with mod_dtcl (the so
>>called 'kitchen sink') would be nice.
> Well, Damon wants to do that, and I think what we'll end up doing is
> having two or more distributions.  One with all the crap loaded up,
> and another 'core' one.  Although, the best solution would be to be
> able to get stuff off the web, on-demand...:-/

I hope I'll live to see a big distro with the latest Tcl, the SQL 
modules and rivet/websh/dtcl, some memory sharing module and TclX in one 
.tgz you just 'make && make install' :)


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