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From "yahalom emet" <>
Subject Inappropriate ioctl for device
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:28:04 GMT

I installed redhad 7.2  and tried to move my project to the new computer.
when I start apache I get in error_log this message:

(25)Inappropriate ioctl for device: Problem running child init script: source /var/www/ChildInit-ttml.tcl

this is what in ChildInit:

package require sql
package require Tclx
package require cgi
set ::conn [sql connect nobody nobody]
sql selectdb $::conn amadeus

when I run this in tcl command line it is ok.

what is the problem??


Yahalom Emet
Software Developer
Xor Technologies Ltd.

Tel: +972 (0)4-6619164

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