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From (David N. Welton)
Subject Re: Encodings
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2001 18:57:40 GMT
Francois GORET <> writes:

> I have to make web sites with Japanese, Korean and Chinese pages. Oddly, it 
> nearly works (tested with Japanese only) simply by putting in mod_dtcl.c:
>  system_encoding = Tcl_GetEncoding(NULL, "identity");

Are you using the version from CVS?  You might try that, as I feel
confident that the code is correct as far as i18n.  Thanks to Wojciech
Kocjan, I have a better grasp of how Tcl should work.  Things are now
correct, and faster to boot!
> and adding { and } in the list of characters to quote, in parser.c
> (bug: if you put a { character in a page, as normal text, tcl
> complains for a non closed brace).

Yikes, thanks for pointing this out.  I have committed this to CVS.

> Now the clean solution would be to have a per-directory
> configuration option in httpd.conf, like:

> <Directory /home/web/jp>
> 	Dtcl_Script encoding iso-2022-jp
> </Directory>
> so that any ttml page from that directory will be read and sent with
> the right encoding. Did anybody already solved that problem? Any
> indication (even a few words) on how to do it would be a real time
> saver.

This sounds like a reasonable request.  I really want to take
advantage of all the work that makes Tcl good at i18n, in mod_dtcl.
Try the latest CVS version, and tell me how it works.  If there are
still problems, we can work together to make sure it does what you

David N. Welton
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