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From Wojciech Kocjan <>
Subject Re: mod_dtcl + nws = ?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 17:12:15 GMT
On  8 Aug, David N. Welton wrote:
> I've been talking with Damon Courtney, maintainer of NeoWebScript, and
> he is interested in combining efforts, starting mostly from the
> mod_dtcl code base.


> I'm quite enthusiastic about this, as it would mean someone else with
> a lot of experience dedicated to this project, as well as an influx of
> new ideas.  Damon has got some good thoughts about adding useful
> packages to the system, as well as adding a few things from NWS.
> I wanted to check and see how opinions run regarding this?  Concerns?
> Things you'd like to see?

I'm currently learning how UTF support should work and then I'll try to
help on that matter.

The things I'd like to see is cron-like stuff (it can be written using
tclX+fork for now, but should be available in some standard form - like
AOLserver's api, which gives the user a lot).

> I don't see it as being %100 backwards compatible, but I will try my
> hardest to make sure there is an upgrade path.  
> And of course, we need a name for it... Suggestions?:-)

ApTcl? tcl::apache? ::request? ;>


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