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From Wojciech Kocjan <>
Subject Tcl_Read()
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 19:14:34 GMT

I've been playing with i18n support int mod_dtcl (on Linux).

I set LANG to pl.iso8859-2 (for those who do not know - this sets system
encoding to iso8859-2).

       Tcl_Read  is  similar  to  Tcl_ReadChars,  except  that it |
       doesn't do encoding conversions, regardless of  the  chanĀ­ |
       nel's encoding.  It is deprecated and exists for backwards |
       compatibility with non-internationalized  Tcl  extensions. |
       It  consumes  bytes  from  channel and stores them in buf, |
       performing  end-of-line  translations  on  the  way.   The |
       return  value  of  Tcl_Read  is the number of bytes, up to |
       toRead, written in buf.  The buffer produced  by  Tcl_Read |
       is  not  NULL terminated.  Its contents are valid from the |
       zeroth position up to and excluding the position indicated |
       by the return value.                                       |

Note the fact that it's depreciated and does not handle UTF-8 the way it

This is a fact - when I changed system_encoding=Tcl_GetEncoding(...)
to Tcl_GetEncoding(interp,NULL), some Polish fonts failed.

I'd try and convert it to Tcl_ReadChars(), but I'm a bit afraid I'll
mess sth up.

David, care to make it use Tcl_ReadChars()? I'll go back to the i18n
problem again.


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