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From <N.M.Palmb...@lumc.nl>
Subject Question regarding saving
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2016 10:45:43 GMT
Dear Taverna team,

I have a workflow that produces results as lists. Rather than writing them to a file, I would
just like to save them from the results panel. However, the lists contain more than 32,000
elements, so Taverna (Core 2.5.0) cannot produce an Excel file. Saving the "provenance bundle"
either fails or takes extremely long. The only option is then to save the results as XML.

This works fine, except I then get the data that looks like ASCII coded binary:

<b:dataElement lsid="" index="40584">

What is the easiest way to decode these strings? This particular string should contain "1889
None	None".

Magnus Palmblad

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