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From Marian Thieme <marian.thi...@gmail.com>
Subject Multi-sample processing workflow
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 20:09:54 GMT


I am new to taverna and started reading some documentation. My
understanding now is, that I can create a workflow which is supposed to
process an input or maybe a given number of inputs. Which means that
this the number of inputs is fixed. There is one point I haven't
understood yet: How do you cope with arbitrary number if inputs and
interactions in between ?

For example: Lets assume there are a number of input files coming from a
different sample each, like SampleA, SampleB, etc. In case of there is
no interaction than there is no problem: I would just run my workflow
for each sample separately, sample by sample. However, if there is some
kind of interaction (like: at some processing stage all samples needed
to be processed in common), is it possible

 1. to model a node which process all samples at once ? (... which
    means the node knows only at the time of runtime (or maybe while
    compilation of workflow together with inputs), how many inputs it
 2. to let the workflow run with an arbitrary number of samples at once?

Thanks for your help,

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