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From "Donal K. Fellows" <donal.k.fell...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Check consistency between baclava and t2flow
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 20:26:06 GMT
On 15/03/2016 19:45, Alan Williams wrote:
> It may be a problem that "surfaces" in the server, but I think it must
> also be true of the command line tool.

That'd definitely be the case; the server in this area is just wrapping 
the capabilities of the command line tool. That said, I'd be more 
inclined to drop the use of baclava (at least at the c.l.t level) and 
instead use some sort of bundle; if desired (and if someone codes it up) 
the server could provide a mechanism for transparently converting 
baclava into a more modern format.

The conversion can be seen as having "spiritual parallels" with 
converting a t2flow workflow into scufl2.


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