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From "Ahmad Aburomman" <ahmad.aburom...@rai.usc.es>
Subject RE: A few questions before choosing Taverna for our project
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 21:25:26 GMT
I appreciate your time and cooperation, really thank you very much.
But I got confused :(
What I got that you want me to merge the client side from this project: 

with the server side from the this project: 

the problem it the last project (https://github.com/taverna/taverna-server.git) is the same
of the first one, it load the same one. 

On 13/04/2015 13:27, alaninmcr wrote:
> I've started a hangout. If anyone else wants to join, the URL is
> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/gwg7xzlz4c6cyabi5popr6mohma

As was discussed, the code at:


is really quite old, and is missing critical features. The client in the 
server codebase:


is up to date (and is part of what we've contributed to Apache, so it 
will continue to be supported) though it is currently a bit awkward to 
build and isn't a finished release yet. To build the 2.5 version (NB: 
NOT Apache code, but equivalent to) check out the server code from github:


and then use maven to build it. I recommend 'mvn install' for that. That 
will download the world a bit, but will eventually create the following 
artefact in your system-local maven repository.


That should be quite fully featured enough to support generating 
provenance (as part of the run bundle) provided you ask for it; you're 
still expected to understand the general server usage patterns, which 
are documented online currently at:


What we (well, probably I) will do next is to update the build so that a 
proper client artefact is produced that doesn't have explicit 
dependencies on other parts of the server build (currently it uses a 
supporting library for handling Resource Usage Records) and get 2.5.5 
released so that we can have an actual artefact that we can point to, 
rather than some sort of SNAPSHOT.

Oh, and you *might* be able to use the build in our Artifactory:


That's not a long-term guaranteed URL and I don't know if it has all the 
dependencies you need. But maybe it will work? :-)


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