Dear Taverna Team,

I am currently looking for an orchestrator that could suit our project needs.

I discovered Taverna and it seems very interesting.

I have a few questions that I would like to clarify before making the choice of using Taverna in our project

The core of the project is the orchestration of WPS processes ( which are Web Services for Geospatial processing.
Basically, a client can request one of the 3 following "GetCapabilities", "DescribeProcess", "Execute" and get a
response in XML

The WPS server implementation that we will use ( doesn't embed the WPS xml inside SOAP (even if the OGC WPS norm describes it), and their are not WSDL capabilities.

1) Is it relatively easy to develop a component for Taverna that will allow to add these WPS services into the "Services Available" for building a workflow ? Which kind of effort would it represent ?
I read ( that some people try to use WPS with Taverna (Through WSDL however), but they didnt succeed.

2) In the case that it is possible, is there some possibilities to describe semantically the input and output of these WPS services (indeed the input and outputs will always be URL (texts), but the URLs reference different types of materials), so that it would be possible to check if the connections are valid. It seems that Taverna has that kind of mechanism...

3) My third question is about the monitoring and control of the workflow execution.
Is there a way through the REST API to ask which part of a workflow is actually executing.

4) Is there a simple Web Viewer/Controller (It seems that the "Taverna Player" needs to be embedded in web pages in ruby). Is there a more straightforward way to use this player in order to test it ?

5) Is there a mean to control and monitor the execution of a remote workflow directly from the Taverna Workbench. It seems that "File / Open Workflow Location" makes reference to a .t2flow remote file, and not a workflow that would have been load into the Taverna Server.

Thanks in advance for your help

Matthieu Melcot

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