Hello everyone,

my name is Christoph. I’m currently writing my Master Thesis about WPS Orchestration. My Goal is it to orchestrate a WPS of a custom ArcGIS Model and to measure the efficiency of the Orchestration.

I have recently done my first steps in Taverna following the Videos of Jorge de Jesus and the PML's WPS from here https://rsg.pml.ac.uk/wps/index.html. I do now have a basic idea of the functionality.

The Problem is that the WSDL of an ArcGIS WPS is totally different from a service created with PyWPS. I tried uploading a regular ArcGIS Tool as a WPS and use it in Taverna, but it looks the same. The Processes in the WSDL seem to have nothing to do with running the tool and there seems to be no Input. I hope someone can help me with this.

The WSDL of the ArcGIS Hillshade Tool:


My Custom Model:


The Model basically takes a single point Input (e.g. one City of OSM Places) on the one hand and an OSM Places Shapefile on the other Hand to calculate the specific Distance of each City around the single point Input (ArcGIS Near).

Do you think it is possible to orchestrate the service via Taverna?

Thanks for any help



Christoph Brennecke