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From Simone Bnà <s...@cineca.it>
Subject Re: OperatingLimit and MaxRuns in Taverna
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2016 11:00:50 GMT
Dear Taverna staff,

I've been told that Taverna queues the workflows that are triggered after reaching the maximum
number of "operating" workflows (aka OperatingLimit) but not the runLimit.

What I noticed is instead that Taverna complains and return the following error:

http error status code 503; server too busy; try later please

Are there some configuration parameters that need to be changed in order to activate the workflow

Best regards,


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Subject: Re: OperatingLimit and MaxRuns in Taverna

On 25/08/2016 20:48, Simone Bnà wrote:
> Dear Taverna team, users,


> I am wondering how to change the "OperatingLimit" and "MaxRuns" in Taverna as written
> http://dev.mygrid.org.uk/wiki/display/tav250/Taverna+Server+FAQ
> Is there an API or a config file to be modified?

There is a configuration file - see 

> What happens if I try to run a new workflow when the number of "operating" workflows
reached the maximum allowed value?

Then it is queued.

> Is the workflow added in a queue and when some "operating" workflows finish, it is triggered
or Taverna returns an Error?

It will run.

> Thanks.
> Best regads,
> Simone.


Simone Bnà, PhD
C++ Software Developer, CINECA
Via Magnanelli 6/3, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno, Italy
office:   +39-0516171938
email: s.bna@scsitaly.com/s.bn@cineca.it

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