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From Ian Dunlop <ian.dun...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Problem on Taverna Plugin Installation
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 13:57:08 GMT

What does the plugins.xml say eg
/home/johndoe/.taverna-core-2.5.0/plugins.xml. Maybe taverna can't find
your server for some reason.

Where is your plugin deployed ie the info you put in when adding a new
plugin site? We could then try and install it and see if we get the same



On 08/02/2016 18:52, PARASKEVOPOULOU MARIA wrote:
> Dear Taverna team,
> We have implemented a Taverna plugin incorporating services and
> algorithms implemented in the DIANA LAB (www.microrna.gr).
> The plugin initially worked for Taverna 2.3, while several months ago we
> have updated the plugin and had it functional for both Taverna 2.3 and
> 2.5 versions.
> However, the last month DIANA users complain that they cannot add the
> DIANA Taverna plugin in their Taverna workbench.
> The installation has been performed several times in the past with success.
> We uninstalled the plugin from our server and also observed a failure in
> the reinstallation.
> We redeployed the plugin but the error remains.
> The logs produced in Taverna, report a failure in fetching a Pom file.
> "WARN  2015-07-22 19:34:34,036
> (net.sf.taverna.raven.repository.impl.LocalRepository:85) - Could not
> read com.example:DIANA_Services-activity-ui:1.2-SNAPSHOT from
> http://www.mygrid.org.uk/maven/biomoby/biomoby.org/m2repo/
> java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 409 for URL:
> http://repository.mygrid.org.uk/artifactory/biomoby/com/example/DIANA_Services-activity-ui/1.2-SNAPSHOT/DIANA_Services-activity-ui-1.2-SNAPSHOT.pom
> "
> We assume that this failure is due to the fact that Taverna is not
> trying to install/download the DIANA plugin from our server,defined in
> the plugin's project pom.xml, but from http://repository.mygrid.org.uk.
> Did something change concerning the format of the project pom.xml that
> is utilized for the plugin deployment?
> Will the error be fixed, if we change the pom.xml? For the the pom.xml
> design we followed a similar format as in the following pom file
> https://github.com/taverna/taverna-prov/blob/master/pom.xml.
> It would be grateful if we could have your feedback on how to
> troubleshoot the issue.
> Thank you in advance,
> DIANA Team

Ian Dunlop, eScience Lab
School of Computer Science
The University of Manchester

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