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From PARASKEVOPOULOU MARIA <mparaskevopou...@uth.gr>
Subject Problem on Taverna Plugin Installation
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 18:52:58 GMT
Dear Taverna team,

We have implemented a Taverna plugin incorporating services and  
algorithms implemented in the DIANA LAB (www.microrna.gr).
The plugin initially worked for Taverna 2.3, while several months ago  
we have updated the plugin and had it functional for both Taverna 2.3  
and 2.5 versions.

However, the last month DIANA users complain that they cannot add the  
DIANA Taverna plugin in their Taverna workbench.

The installation has been performed several times in the past with success.
We uninstalled the plugin from our server and also observed a failure  
in the reinstallation.
We redeployed the plugin but the error remains.

The logs produced in Taverna, report a failure in fetching a Pom file.

"WARN  2015-07-22 19:34:34,036  
(net.sf.taverna.raven.repository.impl.LocalRepository:85) - Could not  
read com.example:DIANA_Services-activity-ui:1.2-SNAPSHOT from  
java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 409 for URL:  
We assume that this failure is due to the fact that Taverna is not  
trying to install/download the DIANA plugin from our server,defined in  
the plugin's project pom.xml, but from http://repository.mygrid.org.uk.

Did something change concerning the format of the project pom.xml that  
is utilized for the plugin deployment?
Will the error be fixed, if we change the pom.xml? For the the pom.xml  
design we followed a similar format as in the following pom file  

It would be grateful if we could have your feedback on how to  
troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you in advance,


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