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From Ian Dunlop <ian.dun...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Trying to understand the big picture
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2016 13:46:20 GMT

I think taverna-language is part of the taverna-platform in this diagram.
taverna-mobile sits to the right of taverna-player.
I think taverna-common-activities is part of core since the engine works
without them (just doesn't have anything to run).
I don't think Taverna Player (or the Taverna Player Portal(?)) have been
moved to Apache (probably still part of mygrid
https://github.com/myGrid/taverna-player-portal) but they are still part
of the taverna ecosystem - we need to think about this. Not sure about
Taverna Lite and whether that is a 'real' product any more.
I think the diagram is useful as an introduction to all the components
and yes, it does make sense to map the repos to the diagram. One of the
hardest parts is trying to figure out how it all fits together.



On 22/01/2016 20:57, Gale Naylor wrote:
> Hi, all. I'm trying to map the release items (
> http://taverna.incubator.apache.org/download/code/ - Source code
> repositories section) with the overall architecture of Taverna 3 so I can
> understand the big picture. I'm using the diagram from Stian's 2014-10-31
> presentation (
> http://www.slideshare.net/soilandreyes/20141031taverna3architecture) .
> I have a couple of general questions:
> 1) Is this the right architecture diagram to use?
> 2) Does it make sense to map the git repos to the architecture elements?
> If it makes sense to proceed, are these mappings correct?:
> taverna maven parent -- Taverna Core?
> taverna language -- Taverna Core?
> taverna osgi -- Taverna Platform API (OSGI)
> taverna engine -- Taverna Engine
> taverna common activities -- part of Taverna Engine?
> taverna commandline -- Taverna Command Line Tools (part of?)
> taverna server -- Taverna Server
> taverna workbench -- Taverna Workbench
> taverna workbench common activities -- part of Taverna Workbench
> taverna workbench product -- part of Taverna workbench
> taverna plugin component -- part of Core: Activity Plugins?
> taverna plugin bioinformatics -- part of Core: Activity Plugins?
> taverna databundle viewer -- ??
> taverna mobile -- ??
> What about Taverna Player and Taverna Lite?
> Thanks!
> Gale

Ian Dunlop, eScience Lab
School of Computer Science
The University of Manchester

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