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From Stian Soiland-Reyes <st...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Taverna language command line tool - progress
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2015 15:33:17 GMT
This is great progress! Almost too fast..! :))

I see at https://github.com/menaka121/incubator-taverna-language/commits/master
you are on board with commit early, commit often!

Would you be able to change your git config to provide your full name
instead of "menaka121"?

git config --global user.name "Menaka Madushanka"

I was about to accept the pull request, but see you have introduced a
different package name:


but we only use

as 'tavlang' is not a top level Apache project. (Strictly speaking
Apache Taverna is not even a top level project!)

Could you change the Java package it to:

org.apache.taverna.tavlang ?  I don't think we need "commandline" in
the package as well, if we agree on "tavlang" as the command.

The wfdesc module is currently disabled as it depends on old
Sesame/Elmo bindings that are no longer available from a regular Maven
repository. You can build it yourself from taverna-scufl2-wfdesc -
which relies on my mirror at

If you get any specific errors with the current wfdesc, raise them in
Jira and ping me. There could be some Java 8 compatibility issue for
all I know.

I have a branch which tries to switch wfdesc module to use much simpler APIs
(although more verbose) of Apache Jena, but it is still not quite
finished as the style of
invoking is a bit different without Elmo and is in a bit of
compiler-error-state -

What is .structure files? Do you mean
text/vnd.taverna.scufl2.structure?  Yes, they can be used both for
read and write and should have enough info for execution - although
reading is perhaps not as interesting as they are mainly intended for
quick debugging (e.g. output from your --inspect). and don't have a
proper grammar or parser - it's just using Scanner and keywords.

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