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From Robert Haines <robert.hai...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject Re: Taverna Server docker images
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2015 17:53:29 GMT
> Adding me (stain) and (fbacall) to the Taverna Docker Hub organization
> would be cool - Finn has just added a docker image for the Taverna
> Player Portal as well that could be added there.

OK done. I added you both to the "Owners" group so you can add more 
people if needs be.

> I guess we better be careful to not brand them as Apache as Taverna
> Server 2.5.4 is pre-Apache, and the Taverna Player Portal is not (yet)
> part of Apache Taverna  .. so not sure about the legal route here..
> mentors?
> I'll try to update the dockerfiles and add them as automatic repos.
> Now of course there are two official Apache Tomcat images.. it's still
> not an easy choice!
> You can have one docker image version per branch/tag, so that would be
> the easiest way to have multiple versions.

I found that to be a bit clunky myself but they may have improved things 
since I did it.

> Finn and I tested taverna/server, and wondered why you expose them as
> http://localhost:8080/taverna-2.5.4 - given that each Docker image
> would just run one single Taverna Server, why not install it as
> ROOT.war?

If you install it as ROOT.war then you may limit what others can do with 
your dockerfile if they want something else as the root app.


> On 11 June 2015 at 19:21, Robert Haines <robert.haines@manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
>> PS. If you want to be added to the Taverna Organization in the docker hub
>> send me your username and I'll add you.
>> Rob
>> On 11/06/2015 19:16, Robert Haines wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>> We have some docker images here for Taverna Server
>>>> https://registry.hub.docker.com/search?q=taverna&searchfield=
>>>> Do you know who made them, how etc? Was it Rob?
>>> Yes it was me.
>>>> They seem to not have a corresponding Dockerfile, not built from
>>>> Github, and also use their own packaging of JDK and Tomcat for some
>>>> reason.
>>> All Dockerfiles, etc are here: https://github.com/taverna/taverna-docker
>>> They use their own build of the JDK, Tomcat, etc because at the time
>>> there were no sensible alternatives. I.e. There were no headless JDK
>>> images, and the tomcats all had a hundred other dependencies installed
>>> (X etc) that made the resultant images a couple of GB in size.
>>> They're not set up to build automatically from GitHub I think because I
>>> couldn't find a way to be able to then have multiple Taverna Server
>>> versions available from the same place. This seemed important at the
>>> time for testing, etc but may not be anymore - or things may have
>>> changed with the hub.
>>>> Perhaps a quick and small Dockerfile to use a regular Tomcat Docker as
>>>> "FROM" image, and install as ROOT.war could be a useful exercise.
>>> If there now exists a decent regular Tomcat Docker, with a decent
>>> minimal JDK, it would be much better to use it than roll our own,
>>> certainly.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Rob
>> --
>> Robert Haines
>> Research Software Engineering Manager, IT Services
>> Honorary Lecturer, School of Computer Science
>> University of Manchester

Robert Haines
Research Software Engineering Manager, IT Services
Honorary Lecturer, School of Computer Science
University of Manchester

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