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From Christian Brenninkmeijer <christian.brenninkmei...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject RE: Defining Command line options for Taverna language command line tool
Date Fri, 29 May 2015 16:34:37 GMT
A few things I have learnt from my new job of looking at lots of other peoples command line

1. Keep the number of required parameters as low as possible.

2. Have as many options as you want but make sure there is a good default.
The defaults should be what an beginning user will want. Tne expert user will know how to
set the options he/she needs.

3. Have a good man or equivellent eash to find documentation for each options

4. Give working examples critically with sets of inputs that work!

5. Start the documentation of with the default case an build up. Don't get over excited with
showing the user all the cool things you can do before you actaully showing what the command
line tool actuall does.

May sound very basic but I have seen cases where many of these things are broken.

If someone can not get your thing running in a way he/she understand within an hour max 2
they are Gone!

From: Menaka Madushanka [menaka12350@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:35 PM
To: dev@taverna.incubator.apache.org
Subject: Defining Command line options for Taverna language command line tool

Hi everyone,
For the implementation of the taverna command line tool, the most important
thing is to define the options that could be used.
I suppose the options should be like this.
       * They must be simple and easy to understand
       * Should be not too long

I'll be very grateful if someone could give me some suggestions for the
command line options.
And I'm currently investigating a proper command line parser library for
the project.

Thank you

Menaka Madushanka Jayawardena
Faculty of Engineering, <http://www.pdn.ac.lk/eng>
University of Peradeniyaya.
LinkedIn <http://lk.linkedin.com/in/menakajayawardena>

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