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From alaninmcr <alanin...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: GSoC android app update and availability for first weeks of GSoC
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 16:47:37 GMT
On 22/05/2015 17:17, Larry Akah wrote:
>>> @Larry I'll be unavailable for the first couple of weeks of GSoC proper
> which starts next Monday so I'll have to hand over mentoring duties to
> Stian & Rob for the initial week or two.
> Ok, understood. I guess they (Stian & Rob) are aware and would help as much.

Yes. Also others on the dev list will comment.

>>> *   Investigate the REST API for Taverna.
>>> *   Investigate the difference between Taverna 1.x and Taverna 2
> especially in the type and properties of workflows that can be run by each
> type of server.
> I have covered these. I am more comfortable with a REST API implementation
> in JSON than XML. Concerning the REST API, what i have been studying so far
> is material from: http://dev.mygrid.org.uk/wiki/display/tav250/REST+API .

The REST API can produce JSON. You just need to set the request header.

> It's pretty unambiguous and i have been able to identify how a basic
> request-response operation is done.
> After some searching on the dev site, I found a resource that could help
> deal with data as JSON from XML here:
> http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/index.html . Better suggestions are
> welcome, but i think this one could do the job as much.

You do not need to do this. Just ask for JSON and you will get JSON. For 
example, /policy can return

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" ts:serverVersion="2.4.4" 
ts:serverRevision="unknownRevision (branch: 
    <ts-rest:runLimit xlink:href="https://theserver/rest/policy/runLimit" />
xlink:href="https://theserver/rest/policy/permittedWorkflows" />
xlink:href="https://theserver/rest/policy/permittedListenerTypes" />
xlink:href="https://theserver/rest/policy/enabledNotificationFabrics" />


   "policyDescription": {
     "@serverVersion": "2.4.4",
     "@serverRevision": "unknownRevision (branch: 
     "@serverBuildTimestamp": "2013-12-16T13:53:23+0000",
     "runLimit": {
       "@href": "https:\/\/theserver\/rest\/policy\/runLimit"
     "permittedWorkflows": {
       "@href": "https:\/\/theserver\/rest\/policy\/permittedWorkflows"
     "permittedListenerTypes": {
       "@href": "https:\/\/theserver\/rest\/policy\/permittedListenerTypes"
     "enabledNotificationFabrics": {


>>> We should probably find somewhere to keep track of the tasks, maybe a
> google doc would do.
> Google docs is ok for me.

I would _strongly_ recommend using Jira instead.


> Thanks
> Cheers


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