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From JumpStart <geoff.callender.jumpst...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Progressive Web App
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 01:21:39 GMT
Thanks Chris. We won’t be going with WebSockets for a while, not until we need to add two-way
chat. No, the real challenge is doing what we want in a web browser client.



> On 11 May 2019, at 8:31 am, Christopher Dodunski <ChrisFromTapestry@christopher.net.nz>
> Hi Geoff,
> I'm in the final stages of developing a webapp which uses the WebSocket
> API for asynchronous, two-way communication.  Not sure if WebSocket is the
> way you want to go?  Message packets are objects encoded into JSON format
> using Jason.
> The server endpoint is a Tapestry service (singleton), and the client
> endpoint a Swing application running Tyrus under the hood.  It took a bit
> of effort integrating with Tapestry, but works like a dream.  Messages are
> buffered, then sent, using java.util.Timer/Task running in a separate
> thread.
> Regards,
> Chris.
>> Has anyone come up with a way to produce a Progressive Web App (PWA) with
>> Tapestry? Or per
>> I’m particularly interested in the idea of using service workers to get
>> some content - that we know will be relevant to the logged in user - in
>> the background and storing it client-side for quick access by the web
>> pages later. The content will contain amigos and very short videos.
>> Another aim is to be able to save data as they work, and have the service
>> worker send it to the server asynchronously. If the connection is down
>> then it will wait.
>> Any experience in that area?

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