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From Arno Haase <arno.ha...@haase-consulting.com>
Subject Re: T5.3 Component with AJAX Form?
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 04:32:42 GMT
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I have the same problem.

Googling, the only thing I came up with was this:


It mentions creating an "AjaxLink" component, and that "asking
Tapestry to generate the links is simple". Since I am fairly new to
Tapestry, a pointer to this would be much appreciated.


- - Arno

Am 30.04.2012 22:52, schrieb Norman Franke:
> I'm trying to make a lookup dialog that lets users lookup accounts
> by name. It obviously has a form where the user can enter a partial
> name. The form has a t:zone and the onSuccess handler either tries
> to return the zone or use AjaxResponseRenderer to return the
> content of the zone. which has the list of matching accounts.
> My component via javascript automatically clicks a hidden submit
> button to submit the form. The form, zone and list are all in the
> component. It works fine when in a page, but when this is run as a
> component I get this error:
> Page must be specified before initializing for partial page
> render. Not very helpful. It appears that the form is not being
> submitted via AJAX (request.isXHR is false.) Can one submit a form
> inside a component via AJAX that updates a zone inside that
> component? I can't put the zone outside the component and update
> the entire thing, since it messes up the value of the text field. 
> This is using Tapestry 5.3.3.
> Norman Franke Answering Service for Directors, Inc. www.myasd.com
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