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From Christoph Jäger <christoph.jae...@polleninfo.org>
Subject Tapestry i18n, Messages
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 23:18:19 GMT

I use org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Messages to get the translated strings  
for my web application from the property files for my pages. This  
works great.

Now, I want to use the same mechanism in two different places in my  

1. A user can click a button to generate some graphic or Excel file  
containing data. Some strings on the graphic (like title, ...) and in  
the Excel file need to be translated, too. So in the code, which  
creates the graphic or Excel file, I pass the  
org.apache.tapestry5.ioc.Messages instance, which was injected into my  
page to do the translations. This also works great. But: sometimes the  
language used for the graphic or Excel file is different from the  
language used on the web page. How can I make the Messages instance  
switch the language, or request a new Messages instance from Tapestry,  
with the language (Locale) needed for the graphic / Excel file?

2. The application runs some scheduler, which will create reminder  
emails once every day. The emails are create from a template, which is  
filled with some translated strings. Is there an easy way to ask  
Tapestry for a Messages instance (with a given Locale, and based on  
some class (to query the right .properties file) as if it were  
injected into a page), in this background job, which just runs inside  
a web application, but does not have any connection to an actual web  

Best Regards,

Christoph Jäger
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