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From tapestryphoto <pho...@digiatlas.org>
Subject T5: how to detect session timeout?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2008 11:42:53 GMT

I am trying to deal with session timeouts in T5.

Rather than extend a base class I was hoping I might be able to use an  
Annotation. However, I find that when the user activates a link or  
presses a button on a timed-out session that the dispatcher is not  
being called early enough to detect anything and I end up with a null  
pointer exception.

I have the following in my AppModule:

		configuration.add("TimeoutDetector", timeoutDetector,

Two questions:

a) is it possible to detect Session timeouts in this way?

b) As PageRender isn't early enough can I hook this in earlier? I'd  
also appreciate knowing what values can be placed in that parameter.  
Nowhere can I find this documented (apart from a reference to  
"before:" and "after:"). I've even looked in the T5 code but I'm  
afraid there is just too much of it to look through. Surely the  
specification of part of a page lifecycle would be better as something  
other than a String?!


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