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From "Charles Mason" <charlie....@gmail.com>
Subject Partial Event Bubbling from Component to Page
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 12:04:42 GMT
Hi All,

I have a problem which I wondering how best to solve. Basically I have
several pages all with a grid of data on them and under that a custom
component which is common to all these pages. The custom component has
a load of user input components and two buttons a save and a discard
changes button. Basically when the save one is clicked all the user
data is persisted from the session to a DB via Hibernate and when
discard is clicked all the session data is reloaded from the DB.

My problem is one page has something else on it the user can edit so I
need to let the page hook when the save event is triggered. I read
about event bubbling which seems to be what I want although I can't
seem to make it work. I have the components onSelectedFromSave method
return false, but the pages onSelectedFromSave method never gets
called unless I comment out the one in the component. I have I miss
understood something about event bubbling.

Incidentally the pages component sends its changes back via AJAX so
there's no actual form on the page, just in the component, is this
part of my problem?

Anyone have any suggestions ?

Charlie M

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