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From Peter Stavrinides <P.Stavrini...@albourne.com>
Subject Best practice for onActivate and onPassivate without persistence
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 12:31:36 GMT
Hi everyone,

I was wandering about best practice for passing multiple parameters to a page without using
persist in the mix. Take the following example:

void onActivate(Integer companyId, Integer siteId) throws SQLException {
    _site = getSite(companyId,siteId);

CompanySite onPassivate(){
	return _site;

This works okay for my purposes... I like it because its stateless, however is CompanySite
being serialized underneath? how expensive could that potentially be (we use some extreme
objects)...  If so then an uglier way could be better? perhaps:

String onPassivate(){
   return _site.getCId() + "/" + _site.getSiteId();

thanks for your help,

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