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From "Martijn Brinkers (List)" <martijn.l...@gmail.com>
Subject loader constraint violation
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 23:02:45 GMT
I get a "loader constraint violation" when a page is loaded:

loader constraint violation: loader (instance of
$PackageAwareLoader) previously initiated loading for a different type
with name "mitm/mimesecure/web/base/propertyeditor/DateProperty"

The strange thinig is that this worked initially until I moved the
DateProperty class to another package. DateProperty is used by the
ordinary class mitm.mimesecure.web.beans.PDFPropertiesBean. If I move
DateProperty back to the package mitm.mimesecure.web.beans everything is
working fine. Somehow it only works when DateProperty is in the same
package as PDFPropertiesBean.

Any idea?


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