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From "Markus Joschko" <markus.josc...@gmail.com>
Subject DropDownDatePicker fields are not validated in 4.1.2 after an ajax call
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2007 21:26:50 GMT
Hi all,
it seems like the DropDownDatePicker fields are not added to the list
of to-be-validated fields after an ajax request in the page was made
and the client side validation is reregistered. I shortly describe the
situation where I face the problem:

- I have a form which contains some text fields and two date pickers
- during page load I can see that all fields are registered properly
in the client side validation:


- leaving a field blank pops up the client side validation dialog
which is fine.
- Now I provoke an error which can't be covered by client side
validation but only in my listener on the page (I haven't written
custom validators). E.g. a unique key validation.

- The form is asynchronously submitted, the error spotted on the
server side and a response element is rendered back to the client (not
the form but a dedicated response element). still everything as
expected. But together with the response the following javascript is


-These are all the fields EXCEPT the dropdowndatepicker once. So
during the next submit these fields are not validated. To make it
worse even the server side validation is suppressed for some reason.
No validation for these fields :-(

I don't know where I should start looking for the error, so you might
have a better idea what could cause the problem.

This is how I added the dropdowndatepicker to my HTML
				 <label jwcid="@FieldLabel" field="component:birthday">Birthday</label>
			     <input jwcid="birthday@DropdownDatePicker"


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